I'm Juniper, a self-taught artist with a focus on abstract and figurative paintings. Working from my home studio in Virginia, my artwork explores an interest in flawed beauty and the human spirit.


 Growing up among a community of artists in the Appalachain mountains, I learned at a young age to incorporate creativity into my everyday life. My travels in Indonesia, South America, and Europe have also influenced my work. I am drawn to the simplicity of folk art, while grappling with the abstract nature of the spirit which both illuminates and transcends culture. 

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Faces and figures often allow me to navigate this subject best. I think of my paintings as an outward reflection of the intertwined relationship between the body and the soul. I am fascinated by the juxtaposition between a calm outward stare and the wilderness of thought and emotion within. The clean confidence we present to the world versus the beautifully complex struggle we contain. Likewise, I enjoy exploring the notion that the places and things we derive pleasure and comfort from are a reflection of our spiritual cravings. What we love, such as a bouquet of flowers, is manifested externally thereby revealing something of who we are internally.


As a mother of two little girls, I am able to divide my time between my creative practice and family by working out of my home studio on an easel and work bench that my husband custom built. My favorite materials include acrylic paint, oil pastels and alcohol ink.

I rely on my intuition to take me through the creative process, working with layers by adding and omitting details to create unexpected and compelling moments. My love of design and composition comes through in my use of shape, movement and bold color choices.

My paintings have been described as bold, playful, un-restrained and soulful. I believe in the power of art to evoke emotion and transform a space. I strive to create work that will bring meaning and happiness to the viewer for years to come.